Told My Daughter No and Stuck to My Guns

Late in my childhood, I heard my dad explain to multiple people that he told my brothers and I NO even when he would normally say yes just to keep us on our toes. Well, last week I told my 5 yr old NO because I wanted her to work on understanding what it is like to not always get what you want when you want it! She of course got upset and a few days later tried to bring her Grandad (my FIL) into the situation.

Are you curious what I said NO about???
Could You Say No To This Face?

K had been bouncing around different ideas of what she wanted to be for Halloween for a few weeks. Every couple of days she would pick a different princess, but it was always one she did not have dress-up dresses, crowns, or other accessories for already. I realized her actually Halloween costumes never seem to be used again, especially the wigs, which she only wears for about 10 minutes, so honestly I feel it is a waste of money to buy something new every year.

Then she was being very selfish about toys and was not sharing well with her 2 yr old sister, so when she brought up her final decision for her costume I said, “No!” I went on to explain that the way she was treating her sister did not make me want to get her anything new, and I decided to throw in that she had not been keeping her room picked up….and did not seem to appreciate what she already had…yada yada yada. She went off to her room crying and I started second guessing my decision, sound familiar?

The next time the topic of Halloween costumes came up, I told her she was going to have to be creative with what she already has whether it be from her dress-up stash or old dance recital costumes. Like I mentioned before, she made one more attempt at getting her way by dragging her Grandad into the conversation, but I tried to reassure him that we did not need/want him to buy an Aurora costume. My husband informed me I may not have been clear enough and wasn’t sure if I had changed my mind; however, Halloween is two days away and no new costume has arrived.

Happy As Elsa

Finally, K decided she could just wear her Elsa dress and I would braid her hair. I decided to try to make it a little more exciting for her, so I surprised her last night by doing her fingernails with Jamberries and painted her toenails blue to match. Yes, I said toe nails. We live in Texas and she wore sandals with her dress. I even let her wear some white glittery eye shadow to school for her Fall Festival today.

Jamberry "Frozen" Design on Fingernails

I am just hoping Little Bit gets over her nasty cold, and K doesn’t end up with the crud too, so we can all enjoy our weekend. Plus, I want the 2 yr old to wear my “vintage” Strawberry Shortcake costume my mom made me over 30 years ago. What makes something vintage anyways?!?

Happy Fall Y’all :)

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Paralyzed by Perfection

I have been very hesitant to post for the last few years because I was afraid that if my project or story wasn’t perfect then I shouldn’t share it. Luckily, over the last 6 months, I have taken time for personal development and am coming around to the truth.

I should NOT allow my idea of perfection to paralyze me from even trying. It is time to propel myself into the life I was meant to live, instead of missing opportunities.


There are a number of projects I have put off in fear of them not turning out “Pinterest Perfect.”

  1. Creating a tent/canopy for my daughter’s reading corner
  2. Turning my mom’s wedding dress into a flower girl dress (this one could probably be validated, but more on that another time)
  3. Decorating our house that we have lived in for 5 years
  4. Sewing a round table skirt for my MIL
  5. Sharing birthday party ideas and printables
  6. Posting about dilemmas, frustrations, weakness, etc.

At the age of 33, I have finally decided to embrace who I am! I now understand that I cannot please or appeal to everyone all the time. After reading The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown two times through, I know my where my focus should be. Brown states:

“If we want to live and love with our whole hearts, and if we want to engage with the world from a place of worthiness, we have to talk about things that get in the way–especially shame, fear, and vulnerability.”


We have an amazing tool with the Internet because we truly can engage with the world.  If something I said resonated with you today, then I welcome you to share this post and join my list so you can see my transformation process through the joyous and most vulnerable times (and everything else in between).

I haven’t tackled any of the projects I listed, but I have started two things I feared in the last month: learning to drive my husband’s Jeep and CrossFit! More stories to come about those adventures :)



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Free Printable Dr. Seuss Sign

Are you preparing for a Dr. Seuss Celebration, Baby Shower, or Birthday Celebration? Here is a sign template that you can customize with your favorite quote or phrase to make your event even more seusstastical!

Cat in the Hat Sign Template Example


Cat in the Hat Vertical Template Examples

 Click here to download these templates from Google Drive.
The templates do not have any text on them. I used the font Doctor Soos Bold on my signs.

This template comes in both a horizontal and vertical version. The template works for full sheets of 8.5 x 11 inch sheets of paper (I print on white cardstock) or you can make it smaller if you are making note cards or labels. If you are looking for other Dr. Seuss printables then check out my Etsy shop, shydesign. There you will find food/drink labels, name tags, name plates, invitations, and more!

If you are just looking for party ideas, I did a series a few years ago:

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