Video Tutorial: How to Customize Printables by Adding Text

Have you ever downloaded a printable free or paid for, but never printed it? Did you have great plans for creating your own piece of art work, cute homemade gift, or custom party decor, yet had no clue where to start?

Quite frequently I am asked, “How do I add my own text to the food/drink label cards (signs, invitations, baggie toppers, etc.) that I got from you (free on this blog or from my Etsy shop)?”

I often send a quick response, but have decided a video might be even better!

There are captions off and on throughout the video, so if you don’t want to listen to me give directions you can definitely mute me! My husband would probably love that feature after 10pm when I often become a chatter box 🙂

Please feel free to share and give feedback on what else you would like to learn along these lines.

Happy Designing!





PS. – Keep your eyes open for the Ultimate Dr. Seuss Printable Kit which will include over $50 worth of printables from my Etsy Shop for over 50% off!


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