Video Tutorial: Manipulating Text in Microsoft Word

How To Manipulate Text in Microsoft WordA few weeks ago, I showed you how to open one of my digital designs and add text to it using Microsoft Word. Today, I wanted to go one step further and give you 2 options for manipulating the text, so you can place it exactly where you want to on the page.

This particular tutorial showcases a set of Frozen food & drink labels I used for my daughter’s 5th birthday last year. I will leave a set of quick steps you can reference below if you are not into watching videos!

How to Add Text & Manipulate Text (Word Art) in Microsoft Word

  1. Open a New Blank Word Document
  2. Insert > Picture (and select the file you wish to open)
  3. To adjust the margins: Page Layout Tab > Margins > Select Narrow (1/2 inch)
  4. Crop white space border if needed
  5. Resize the image to fill the page if needed
  6. Insert > Word Art (and select the style you wish to use or just the basic, which you can add your own effects to later)
  7. Type your text in the Word Art Box
  8. Change the font style, color, and size
  9. Right Click on the Text Box and choose FONT > Select the Advanced Tab > Adjust the Spacing or Kerning as you see fit
  10. Right Click again and choose PARAGRAPH > Adjust the Line Spacing
    1. I recommend starting with 0.8 to reduce the large gaps/white space between lines
  11. Save and Print!!!

Check out my free printable Food & Drink Label Designs:

In the upcoming week the Frozen Banner printable files will be available here, along with the Silhouette studio cut files for the extra bling effect!

Have a great weekend 🙂


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